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5 reasons why you should not buy lab-grown diamonds

why you should not buy lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds apparently seem a great alternative to mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds come nearly half the price and with identical & physical properties. When it comes to buying the best men's rose gold diamond ring for engagement or wedding, you get plenty of options, including lab-grown ones. You will see the same scenario in the case of women’s engagement ring options. According to expert jewellers, investing in lab-grown diamonds is not a wise decision. Why? Today, Geum Jewels will unfold the real truth so that you feel comfy with whatever you choose for your engagement or wedding. So, let’s check why not invest in lab-grown diamonds in the below section.

Lab-grown diamonds are a bad financial decision 

If you buy real/natural diamonds, you are getting something that will retain  value over time. But the scenario is completely different with lab-created diamonds. Man-made diamonds are going to be more inexpensive and easily accessible with the help of cutting-edge technologies. So, the price per carat of your lab-grown diamonds will reduce over time. Buying jewellery is always an act of investment to better tackle the future. So, if you invest your hard-earned money in lab-grown ones, you will get a much-reduced value Investing your money in lab-grown diamonds will not be wise as you might be unable to resell them.

Lab-grown diamonds are not good for the environment 

We all need to consider the carbon footprint thing! All industries and individual humans are trying hard to do a little better for the environment. But the diamond industry is not so fair here. You may know that jewellers use electricity in order to produce diamonds in their labs. Just to produce a one-carat lab diamond, you need to use 250 million joules. So, if you are concerned about the environment, you may prevent yourself from buying lab diamonds. But having a few diamond jewellery pieces won’t release much effect. 

 Lab-grown diamonds are not good for the environment

The production of lab-grown diamonds consumes a lot of energy. They are primarily created in factories using equipment that needs constant power. There is nothing to suggest that artificial diamonds are an environmentally favourable choice, notwithstanding the wide variation in energy usage among producers.


These diamonds are created in factories. Many types of equipment are used in the process. The creation process of artificial diamonds causes pollution and consumes a lot of energy. It proves that these diamonds are not environmentally friendly.

 The claims of eco-friendliness made by lab-grown diamond producers are "impossible to prove," according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Additionally, the FTC has warned jewellery companies numerous times in the last year for making claims about the sustainability of lab-grown substitutes.

Lab diamonds aren’t truly real

Real nature-grown diamonds are classy, and everyone prefers to wear them. It is like nature has created something special for you. But the agenda is quite different with lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds can be created based on your requirements. You can say that they are 'au naturale' and created in a different way. 

5 reasons why you should not buy lab-grown diamonds

Lab-created diamonds and nature-gifted diamonds are physically, automatically, and optically identical. They come for just half the price of real diamonds. So, if you have some budget constraints but want to wear a bigger diamond solitaire necklace, lab-created diamonds can be an ideal pick for you. Or else, if you are fond of real diamonds, pick real ones from our exclusive collection.

It is always advisable to purchase real diamonds. Don’t compromise with the quality; if you are fond of jewellery made of diamonds, have a look at our exclusive collection. Whether it is the most trending diamond solitaire necklace or some other jewellery pattern you wish to purchase, you can always reach out to us, and we will share our exclusive collection.

Lab-grown diamonds lack the allure of natural diamonds 

If you are planning to buy lab-grown diamonds and propose to your girlfriend, you should think twice about it. Still today, many women simply don’t want lab-grown diamonds. The majority of women across the globe still want natural diamonds. According to a survey conducted in 2018 by Diamond Producers Association and The Harris Poll, only 16% of women believe that lab-grown diamonds were ‘real’ diamonds. This is another reason why Geum Jewels carry 100% natural diamonds. Man Made diamonds are not what people want. 

Lab-grown diamonds are not rare

You have unique emerald and diamond bracelets using lab-created diamonds. But your unique jewellery won’t be unique for long, as anyone can copy it and create it within a week. Lab-created diamonds are easy to make and imitate. So, if you need something rare and hard to copy, there is no alternative to real/natural diamonds. Real diamond jewellery is the best pick if you want to give something pure and rare to your beloved ones. 

Bottom line

These are the top five reasons that expert jewellers explain to prevent you from wasting your money on lab-created diamonds. In order to explore a jaw-dropping diamond jewellery collection, you should connect with Geum Jewels as soon as possible.

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