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How to clean diamond and gold jewellery?

How to clean diamond and gold jewellery? - GeumJewels

You've spent significant money on diamond and gold jewellery and want to take the best care of it. This article will explain how to properly clean your diamond ring, diamond dangle earrings, necklace, and gold jewellery. What matters is that you know how to care for your diamond jewellery properly. Maintenance entails cleaning and taking extra precautions to keep it safe.



How to clean diamond and gold jewellery



Why Should You Look After Your Diamond Jewelry?


You may not consider the maintenance required later when you buy diamond jewellery. Most people believe that if you wear your diamond ring, necklace, or earrings, they will always shine and look new, but just like anything else, it requires a little love and care to keep its radiance.


To maintain that radiance and brilliance


How diamond jewellery shines is exactly what makes it so beautiful and is an important factor in why it is so valuable in many ways you want to take care of your diamond jewellery to retain its radiance.


To keep its worth


Any piece of diamond jewellery will have a specific value simply because it contains a diamond. A good reason to keep a cleaning routine and take care of your diamond jewellery is to help preserve its value if you decide to sell it in the future.


To Save Money on Repairs and Maintenance


You can expect your diamond jewellery to become blemished and lose its lustre if it is not properly cared for and cleaned. In other cases, failure to maintain may result in damage that necessitates professional repair. Keep your diamond jewellery in good condition to avoid costly repairs and maintenance.


To keep it safe from loss, theft, or damage


Anything containing a diamond is vulnerable to loss, theft, and damage because it is such a valuable piece of jewellery. There are professional methods for protecting your jewellery from potential problems.


Cleaning a White Gold Diamond Ring


Regardless of how careful you think you are, your White Gold Diamond Ring is most likely exposed to oil and dirt, which can damage its surface. You can physically protect your diamond ring from scratches and damage. Knowing how to clean a diamond ring will ensure that you keep its radiance and shine for as long as possible.


Rub daily to remove dirt and oil


Clean the diamond frequently to remove lotions, skin oils, and dirt. This way, it won't appear cloudy. To keep it sparkly at the end of the day, rub it against a soft cloth (or even your shirt). After each wear, wipe your jewellery with a soft chamois or flannel cloth to remove oils and salt.


Clean the dirt with water and dishwashing liquid


Soak the diamond in a solution of warm water and dish soap. According to Tracy Lantz, associate director of public relations at the Diamond Information Center, use a soft toothbrush to scrub it clean. This should be done at least once a month.


Loosen dirt with ammonia and cold water


Soak your diamond for 30 minutes in a 50:50 mixture of ammonia (window cleaner) and cold water. Then, let it dry naturally. Use only genuine diamonds, as ammonia can damage other stones. Once or twice a week, do this.



Is it necessary for me to have my ring professionally cleaned or resized?


There are numerous ways to care for your diamond jewellery, make it shine, and keep its brilliance. You may be wondering if having your diamond ring professionally cleaned is necessary. Consider all the professional services that will benefit you and your jewellery in the long run.


Has it been professionally cleaned?


When you take your jewellery to the jeweller where you purchased it, it will be professionally cleaned using steam or ultrasonic cleaners. You won't have the opportunity to clean your ring like this at home. It's also an important step in caring for your diamond jewellery.


Has it been polished professionally?


Your jeweller will polish your jewellery on their own or if you request it. A high-speed polishing wheel is used for this. This will remove minor scratches and make the jewellery shine brighter. This is the ideal way to care for your diamond jewellery with the assistance of a professional.


Which Jeweller to Choose?


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